Helicon Filter

Helicon Filter is an image editor for both beginners and advanced users. The program interface is organized in a way to make it all clear from the first glance needing no preliminary training – each tab contains all you need for a specific image editing task. All the editing you make is applied to the copy of the image that is created automatically, so whatever you do you will always have your original image kept intact. Helicon Filter also has got a printing utility designed specifically for image printing – Helicon Print. It also allows geotagging, social sharing, adding artistic effects to your images and much more.
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Add an 'undo' button - almost essential I would suggest.

Kestrel, 11.02.2016, 13:01
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suggest adding the support for Win XP

KK, 11.02.2016, 11:45
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def add an undo button &..

how many times to undo. I am having a bad glitch in saving a photo so ass support to your OWN programming mistakes if your going to keep returning customers, or even retain ANY customer to your products are this glitchy on large issues right from...
Theresa, 11.02.2016, 13:50
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Add a "Dehaze" filter (slider). Extremely useful.

A friend who uses Adobe Lightroom demonstrated how Adobe's new Dehaze slider improved his hazy images; very dramatic results! The next image-editor that I buy must have this.
AaronH, 11.02.2016, 18:59
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Foreground lighten method

An easy slide specifically for the purpose of lightening a subject/person whose picture was taken against a light background - without changing the background.
Susiekay, 11.02.2016, 17:14
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Play back basic video files in photo collections

I do have photo software that will also playback video files, holiday clips etc. Which I bought for a similar price to what this is selling for, which I find very useful when browsing pictures.
Brian Hughes, 11.02.2016, 13:59
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Agree, Undo button is de rigour.

H Lower, 11.02.2016, 20:27
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toolbar icons and display area

ability to change toolbar options so you can show all tools on the toolbar, and maybe auto-hide pallette option?
bryan, 12.02.2016, 01:06
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Add use of gpu power.

Torleif, 12.02.2016, 03:50
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add documentation for the stereo function(s)

Add documentation (in the program and on the website) for exactly what the stereo functions(s) will do.
Bob, 12.02.2016, 04:30
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Add "Save File on Close?" reminder on exit.

Software does not check for unsaved changes. This could be most frustrating if there are diversions of attention (aka from family or telephone call).
Paul Binns, 12.02.2016, 07:44